Alexandria Chronicle

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Spring 2020

  • Sherry Hulfish Browne, "An Uncommon Imprisonment: The Life and Civil War Times of Welborne Walton Davidson and 'the wife'," 1-13.
  • Michael Reynolds, "Oscar Payne’s Escape to Freedom from Antebellum Alexandria," 14-19.

Spring 2019

  • Sue Kovach Shuman, "The Murray-Dick-Fawcett House: A Future Alexandria Museum," 1-12.
  • Terry E. Zerwick, "The Grand Presidential Troop Reviews of April 1863," 13-19.

Fall 2018

  • Carter B. Refo, "The Virginia trust for Historic Preservation and the Lee-Fendall House Museum and Garden: Celebrating Fifty Years," 1-12.
  • Krystyn R. Moon, "A Chinese Slave in Alexandria? Melissa Ann Hussey's Electic Trousseu," 13-15.

Spring 2018

  • Jason Tercha, "The Origins of the Alexandria, Virginia Sewerage System: Part II: Challenges, Opportunities, and Professionalization, 1870-1914," 1-15.

Fall 2017

  • Jason Tercha, "The Origins of the Alexandria, Virginia Sewerage System: Part I: Challenges and Improvements before the Civil War," 1-11.
  • Catherine Weinraub, "The Firefighter's Memorial in Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia," 12-15.

Fall 2015

  • A. James Rudin, D.D. "A Decade that Shaped My Light," 1-10.

Summer 2015

  • Richard Klingenmaier, "The Madeira Wine Trade," 1-18.

Spring 2015 (no. 1)

  • Catherine K. Miliaras, "The Parker-Gray District: Examining a Local Historic District a Generation Later," 1-11.

Spring 2015 (no. 2)

  • Garrett Peck, "Andrew Wales: Alexandria's First Brewer," 1-15.

Fall 2014

  • John Sullivan, "'The Dark Clouds of War': The Civil War Diary of John Zimmerman of Alexandria: Part II The Journal to Appomattox," 1-14.

Spring 2014 (no. 1)

  • John Sullivan, "'The Dark Clouds of War': The Civil War Diary of John Zimmerman of Alexandria, Installment No. 1: May 1861 to May 1863," 1-5.
  • Sherry Hulfish Brown, "An Uncovered Meaning in the Minnigerode Memorial Arch at the Virginia Theological Seminary," 6-11.

Fall 2013

  • Richard Klingenmaier, "Miss Mary Jane Stewart: Ey Witness to History," 1-15.

Spring 2013

  • Jack Sullivan, "E.E. Downham and Frank Hume: Whiskey Men of Alexandria," 1-8.

Fall 2012

  • Dan Hicks, "Runaway Slaves in Northern Virginia in the Early 19th Century," 1-9.

Spring 2012

  • Richard Klingenmaier, "The Burial of General George Washington: The Lesser Known Participants," 1-15.

Fall 2011

  • Marc Leepson, "The First Union Civil War Martyr: Elmer Ellsworth, Alexandria, and the American Flag," 1-4.
  • Ted Pulliam, "The Civil War Comes to Duke Street," 5-14.

Spring 2011 (no. 1)

  • Amy Bartsch, "Volusia: A Farm and the People who Lived there during the Civil War," 1-7.

Spring 2011 (no. 2)

  • Diane Riker, "'This Long Agony': A Test of Civilian Loyalties in an Occupied City," 1-10.

Fall 2010

  • Diane Riker, "In the Footsteps of Alexandria's Lamplighters," 1-10.

Spring 2010

  • Jim Bish, "Hugh West and the West Family's Momentous Role in Founding and Developing Alexandria and Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, Virginia," 1-16.

Fall 2009

  • Richard H. Klingemaier, "The Story of a Sea Captain and the Daughter of a Philadelphia Potter in Alexandria, Virginia," 1-9.

Summer 2009

  • Diane Riker, "Alexandria and Belhaven: A Case of Dual Identity," 1-9.

Spring 2009

  • Ted Pulliam, "A British Fleet Sails into Alexandria," 1-11.

Fall 2008

  • Michael Ayoub, "Hessians in our Midst: Provost Duty in Alexandria 1861-62: The 88th Pennsylvania Volunteers," 1-15.

Spring 2008

  • Jim Bartlinski, "A Tale of Two Continents: How Fortune and Ability Affected Two Brothers: Doctor George Carlyle of Cumberland County, England and John Carlyle of Alexandria, Virginia," 1-9.

Fall 2007 (no. 1)

  • Ted Pulliam, "Gunpowder, Flour, Fire and Heirs: A Waterfront Block from Duke to Wolfe Streets," 1-9.

Fall 2007 (no. 2)

  • Carole L. Herrick, "A Defenseless Alexandria," 1-7.

Summer 2007

  • Diane Riker, "The Fitzgerald Warehouse: The Early History of an Alexandria Landmark," 1-11.

Spring 2007

  • Thomas Hart, "Alexandria Firehouses," 1-10.

Fall 2006

  • J. Patten Abshire, "As War Went On, Technology Dictated Strategy," 2-4.
  • J. Patten Abshire, "The 115th Illinois and its Test at Chickamauga," 5-7.

Spring 2006

  • Steven J. Shephard, "Reaching for the Channel: Some Documentary and Archaeological Evidence of Extending Alexandria's Waterfront," 1-13.


  • Mary V. Thompson, "'A Sacred Duty:' Mount Vernon during the Years of the Civil War," 1-24.

Summer-Fall 2002

  • William F. Carne, "The Alexandria Sisters of Charity," 1-12.

Spring 2002

  • Henry Morgan, "The Alexandria--Mt. Vernon Conference," 1-10.
  • Rebecca Hatchell Kusserow, "Mary Custis Lee-17th Virginia Regiment Chapter, UDC Honors the Six Soldiers Buried in its Confederate Plot at Bethel Cemetery in Alexandria, VA," 12-18.
  • T. Michael Miller, "Kate Hooper: Alexandria's 'Angel of Mercy'," 19-20.

Winter 2001-2002

  • Robert C. Reed, "Literary Taste in 19th Century Alexandria, Virginia," 1-16.
  • "In Memoriam: James Boyd Williams, Jr, January 19, 1902-May 29, 1999," 17.

Fall 2001

  • Anne S. Paul, "The Alexandria Memorial Drinking Fountain," 1-15.
  • Glenn Harry Nordin, "'Memorial Day Address,' May 28, 2001, Veterans Memorial, College Park, Maryland, 16-22.
  • "The Arrest of General Robert E. Lee's Daughter in his Hometown of Alexandria, Virginia," 23-24.

Summer 2001

  • Cliff Johns, "Wilmer McLean (1814-1882): Victim or Scrooge?" 1-11.

Spring 2001

  • T. Michael Miller, "Edgar Warfield--Alexandria's Last Surviving Confederate Soldier: 'In Remembrance of Duty Faithfully Performed,'" 1-5.
  • Ada Warfield Kurtz, "A Heroine on the Homefront: My Mother's Experience during the Civil War," 6-15.
  • T. Michael Miller, "A View of Mr. Lincoln," 16-19.

Winter 1999-2000

  • T. Michael Miller, "The Washington and Prince Street Military Prisons--Alexandria's Andersonville??" 1-11.
  • T. Michael Miller (comp.), "Happenings from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette," 11-13.

Fall 1999

  • Cliff Johns, "The Anthony Burns Affair: Alexandria, Virginia Locals at the Center of National Debate over the Fugitive Slave Act during Violent Incident in Boston, Massachusetts," 1-8.
  • T. Michael Miller, "The U.S. Presidential Election of 1860: Reflections of Judge Andrew Wylie," 8-14.
  • T. Michael Miller, "Christ Church and its War Work during the First World Conflict, 1917-1919," 14-18.
  • T. Michael Miller (comp.), "Vignettes from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette," 18-20.

Summer 1999

  • A. Glenn Crothers, "Alexandria and Northern Virginia in the Early National Period: The Paradox of Liberalism in a Slave Society," 1-18.
  • T. Michael Miller (comp.), "Civil War Vignettes," 18-25.
  • T. Michael Miller, "President Abraham Lincoln Reviews the Troops near Shuter's Hill," 26-27.

Winter 1998-1999

  • Peter H. Smith, "The Saga of Saving and Reconstruction Ramsay House," 1-33.
  • T. Michael Miller, "William Ramsay--'The Romulus of Alexandria'," 34-35.

Fall 1998

  • T. Michael Miller, "The Mystery Surrounding G. W. P. Custis' Painting of George Washington at Yorktown," 1-11.
  • T. Michael Miller (comp.), "Vignettes from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette," 11-18.
  • "Businesses of Yesteryear," 18-20.

Summer 1998

  • Effie Crittenden Dunstan, "Colonial Alexandria Levers of Power," 1-8.
  • T. Michael Miller (comp.), "Vignettes from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette," 9-11.
  • "Businesses of Yesteryear: The Potomac Manufacturing Company and Virginia Iron Ship Building Company," 12-14.
  • Al Cox, Ron M. Kagawa, and Peter H. Smith, "Alexandria Virginia--Gateway on the George Washington Memorial Parkway," 14-20.

Spring 1998

  • Peter H. Smith, "The Work of Marianne (Polly) Huffish in the Old and Historic Alexandria District," 1-6.
  • "Vignettes from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette," 6-10.
  • "Businesses along King Street," 10-12.

Winter 1997-1998

  • Gilman McDonald, "Street Boundaries Moved--Property Loss--Deed Errors Ensue," 1-7.
  • "Biography: Colonel S. King Shay and Jefferson Tacey," 7-9.
  • "Vignettes from the Pages of the Alexandria Gazette," 9-12.
  • T. Michael Miller, "A King Street Jewel Box--The Alexandria National Bank," 12-14.
  • Peter Smith and Al Cox, "Common Architectural Terms," 15-16.

Fall 1997

  • T. Michael Miller, "Prince Street Profiles: Part II--Gentry Row," 1-17.
  • "Biography: Captain James M. Steuart," 18.
  • "Businesses of Yesteryear: Anatomy of the Marine Railway and Ship Building Company," 19-25.

Summer 1997

  • T. Michael Miller, "Prince Street Profiles," 1-14.
  • "Vignettes from the pages of the Alexandria Gazette," 15-19.
  • "Businesses of Yesteryear," 19-20.

Spring 1997

  • A. J. Wickliffe, "Recollections of the early War Between the States in Alexandria, Virginia (March 1889)," 1-7.
  • Gilman McDonald, "The Fletcher House(s) on Prince Street," 8-15.

Winter 1996

  • Peter H. Smith, "The Beginnings of Historic Preservation in Alexandria--Moving toward the Creation of the Old and Historic District," 1-34.
  • "Society for the Restoration of Historic Alexandria Board of Managers," 34-36.

Fall 1996

  • T. Michael Miller, "Two Views of St. Paul's Church, Alexandria, Virginia," 1-2.
  • Ruth Lincoln Kaye, "St. Paul's Episcopal Church and Benjamin Henry Latrobe," 2-4.
  • Denys Peter Myers, "St. Paul's Church--A Response," 4-12.

Spring-Summer 1996

  • Denys Peter Myers and T. Michael Miller, "An Architectural Walking Tour of Alexandria, VA," 1-16.
  • Denys Peter Myers, "A Glossary of Architectural Terms," 17-21.

Winter 1995-1996

  • J. Patten Abshire, "The History of the Boyhood Home of Robert E. Lee: 607 Oronoco Street--Alexandria, Virginia, 1795-1995," 1-15.

Summer 1995

  • Margaret Garrett Irwin (introduction), "'Bandages and Broken Bones': The Civil War Diary of Anne Reading," 1-21.
  • "United States Civil War Military Hospitals in Occupied Alexandria, Virginia," 21.
  • "A Letter from Judson to Miss Sarah Stilton General Hospital Mansion House, Alexandria, Va. August 23, 1862," 22-23.
  • "The U.S. Hospitals in Alexandria," 23-24.

Spring 1995

  • H. Robert Slusser, "President Lincoln's Railroad Car," 1-19.

Spring 1994

  • Mona Leithiser Dearborn, "Isaac Todd's 1804 Alexandria Profiles," 1-24.

Winter 1993-1994

  • Thomas B. Worsley, "Thomas Jefferson: Friend of Alexandria," 1-11.

Fall 1993

  • Anne S. Paul, "A 'Toothful' Account of Dentistry in Early Alexandria," 1-11.
  • [Untitled Article from the Alexandria Gazette], 12.

Summer 1993

  • Marilyn W. Burke, "The Elks Club at 318 Prince Street," 21-31 (NOTE: continued numbering from Spring 1993).

Spring 1993

  • Penny C. Morrill, "Alexandria Virginia's Market Square," 1-20.


  • T. Michael Miller, "A Chronicle of the 17th Virginia Regiment--'The Reminiscences of Col. Arthur Herbert," 3-10.
  • Terry Alford, "The Mystery of Ledger G," 11-15.
  • "Alexandria in the War of 1812," 16-23.
  • "Washington's Birthnight Ball," 25.
  • "Recent Alexandria Studies Available at the Alexandria Library, Lloyd House," 27.


  • William B. Hurd, "The City of Alexandria and Alexandria (Arlington) County," 3-10.
  • Elizabeth Hambleton, "Olney Winsor, Merchant," 11-24.
  • Allan W. Robbins, "History of Saint John's Academy, 1833-1895," 25-31.


  • Elizabeth Hambleton, "George Washington in the Eyes of a Contemporary," 3-4.
  • Robert G. Whitton, "The Washington Society of Alexandria," 5-9.
  • William B. Hurd, "Montgomery Dent Corse," 10-14.
  • Robert L. Crabill, "Town of Potomac, 1908-1930," 15-17.
  • B. C. May, "AB&W Transit Company," 18-21.
  • T. Michael Miller, "How to Research a House History in Alexandria, Virginia," 22-27.


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  • Ethelyn Cox, "General Edward Braddock: A Retrospective," 9-14.
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  • "Doctoring and Fishing on the Potomac in 1843," 28-30.


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