Ryan Reft

October 28, 7:30PM - Virtual Lecture: Military Housing in Alexandria

Ryan Reft, a historian at the Library of Congress, will present his talk, “Military Housing in Alexandria”. Built as part of the Lanham Act of World War II, Chinquapin Village, Ramsey Homes, and Cameron Valley in Alexandria provided quarters for war workers, veterans, and service personnel and their families. Each housing complex persisted after the war due to the needs of an expanding Cold War military, growing military industrial complex and a national housing shortage. Due in great part to their construction and the families that resided in them, wartime housing transformed Alexandria from a small southern city into a growing and developing suburb. In particular, Chinquapin Village's history serves as a window into the racial and class hierarchies of the day as well as Alexandria's struggle to position itself in a burgeoning and competitive Northern Virginia suburban landscape. Purchase tickets on the Historic Alexandria website. The lecture will be broadcast via Zoom.