Awards Overview and Criteria

Alexandria Historical Society Awards

Each year in April, the Alexandria Historical Society presents the T. Michael Miller Alexandria History Award to a person or persons who have made noteworthy contributions to the preservation of the historic, cultural, and artistic heritage of Alexandria. In addition, outstanding history students from each of Alexandria’s four high schools are given an Alexandria High School History Award based on the recommendations of their teachers. From time to time, Special Awards are also given.

Awards Program Criteria

Organizations and interested individuals are invited to submit written nominations for the annual Alexandria History Award to the History Award Committee of the Alexandria Historical Society. Each nomination should be in the form of a narrative, no longer than two pages, which explains in some detail the contributions of the nominee. Copies of the nominee’s work, including publications, should be included. More than one nomination may be offered, and the committee may select more than one person to receive the History Award. The committee will give particular consideration to those individuals who have written research papers, theses, dissertations, books and materials, which publicly disseminate information on the social and cultural history of the area. Officers and members of the Board of Directors of the Alexandria Historical Society are not eligible for the Alexandria History Award.


All submissions are due March 1.